How to get involved


1. Check to see if your site is already a participating site

Click here for a list of participating sites.

2. Contact the research team

Contact the research team on 1800 811 326 or via email at

3. Apply for ethics and governance approval

We will contact you and discuss the process of obtaining ethics and governance approval.

If required, a member of the AAR team will assist in submitting the required documents to ethics and governance.

4. Receive site training

Once governance approval has been obtained, the AAR team will provide training for site staff. We will then provide you access to the AAR database.

Ongoing training will be available as needed.


  • Allows sites to compare their results with results from all participating hospitals to identify variations in treatment and outcomes.
  • Provides a centralised means of storing and accessing information about all cases of aplastic anaemia at your site
  • Provides access to de-identified, aggregated data for research and publication purposes Release of this data is dependent on the request meeting the requirements listed in the Data Access Policy and Steering Committee approval.