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Over 200 patients entered into the Registry!

News February 4, 2021

We extend our thanks and appreciation to patients, hospital staff and researchers whose ongoing contribution to a national complete dataset…

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New name for the Aplastic Anaemia Registry

News January 18, 2021

The registry has expanded the name from the Aplastic Anaemia Registry to the Aplastic Anaemia Registry and Other Bone Marrow…

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Royal North Shore Hospital and Royal Melbourne Hospital – Open to Recruitment

News August 4, 2020

We are pleased to announce that the Royal North Shore Hospital and Peter MacCallum/Royal Melbourne Hospital are open to recruitment…

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News August 3, 2020

The DIAAMOND clinical trial is open to recruitment at 12 sites and has recruited 28 patients since opening in October…

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New AAR Database

News May 27, 2020

The new AAR REDcap database is ready for data entry. Please contact the AAR Project Manager for a new login…

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AAR Website

News January 14, 2020

Welcome to the AAR website! We are excited to launch our new website for the AAR! The website gives an…

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